Smelly feet no more!

Smelly feet, Stinking shoes.

These words alone can send a shiver down your spine. Sounds familiar?

Most probably you are nodding your head right now.
Here is the worse part: Your confidence is not the only one affected if your feet stink, but even your social life.
Now, for the love of your favorite sneakers and running shoes, you will start typing on Google how to eliminate such horrible foul odor.
The stench of your feet that makes you cringe is enough, so no need to exhaust yourself.
From foul to floral smell is what your feet deserve.

What about your favorite hiking boots or work shoes?

Gran’s Remedy is the best foot powder that can give your feet and your shoes fresher start.

Sweaty. Smelly feet can dampen one’s spirit. So you badly need something that destroys that odor-causing bacteria, not your love for outdoor activities.

Solution? An all-natural-shoe odor eliminator that only Gran’s Remedy can give. It freshens your feet and cleans your footwear so you can run for an extra mile.

Nasty smelly feet and shoes can be a big issue.
If you experience it yourself, then it is time to fight off whatever germ is lurking inside your shoes and bacteria building up on your feet.
That’s why you need a foot powder that can give you not just all-day protection but six months.
Guaranteed. That’s what you call long lasting. 

If you frustrated and ashamed whenever you take off your shoes, then give yourself a gift, a magic to be more precise– Gran’s Remedy.

You can put your shoes on confidently and can take them off like a real winner💪
You no longer have to wait for everyone else to leave the room or gym.
Sweat and run all you want because this foot powder is way better than spray. 
Thanks to zinc oxide, a great anti-bacterial, and other mix of ingredients that Grans Remedy contains.

Foul odor is gone, so no more embarrassing experience.

If you don’t want foul foot odor stops you from doing what you love, feel free to send your question here

Excited to be one of the million happy customers?
To fuel you up even more and energize the athletic soul in you, Gran’s Remedy offers you three solutions to fight off nasty smell on your feet and shoes:
Original, Cooling, and Scented Foot Powders.
If your former spray just hide that stinks, then let Gran’s Remedy Original shoe deodorizer eliminates that foul odor.

Anyone in your family whose feet and shoes really cause headache?
Time to hand over the calming sensation of Gran’s Remedy Cooling.
Choose this peppermint-infused cooling powder, and you will say altogether: Smelly feet and shoes no more!

If you miss that confidence, want to feel invigorated and freshened, go for Gran’s Remedy Scented.
The only question should be: Which shoes should I wear now?
That’s right because this foot powder kills all bacteria and fungi that can make your feet and shoes smelly.
Feel free to choose among the 3 unique foot odor products that Gran’s Remedy offers.

Feel your feet. Love your shoes!