Gran’s Remedy Duo Sets


We here at Gran’s Remedy have developed the cure and answer to put an end to your foot odor dilemma and bring your confidence back. Unlike other products out there that just temporarily mask over the smell, our powder actually treats the source of the odor and eliminates the bacteria and fungi known to cause smelly feet and footwear.

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• Guaranteed To Eliminate Your Foot Odor Problem

• Kills All Bacteria & Fungi Known To Cause Smelly Feet & Footwear

• Stink-Free For Up To 6 Months

• Works For All Types Of Footwear

• Tested, Proven & Trusted For 30+ Years

• 100% Money Back Guarantee

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To help you curb the often embarrassing stinky feet that become a problem in the warmer months, try Gran’s original foot powder. Unscented, this is the invisible and productive way to get rid of that pesky odor without adding anything. While scented foot powders are great, there is a lot to be said for the traditional scent-free ones for those who prefer them.

Best of all, this is easy to use. With the included spoon, scoop the measured amount into each shoe and continue for a full week, or until you reach the end of the tub of the powder. This will provide your shoes with up to 6 months of protection from odor, and your socks and feet will benefit from it too.

Don’t be afraid to use this in all of your different shoes so that you can enjoy the lack of stink in all of your footwear options. You may not think that it’s going to make a difference, but once you try it out for yourself, you’ll see that it really does help. Perfect for putting the best (stick-free) foot forward.

What Is Included:
1. 1-50 Gram Resealable Container Of Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder each of 2 products
2. 1-Measuring Spoon for each of 2 products

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

2 Original, 2 Cooling, 2 Scented, Original & Cooling, Original & Scented, Cooling & Scented