How To Tell Your Boyfriend His Feet Stink

You spent all week planning date night.
You figured out where you were going to go and what you were going to have for dinner.
You cleaned up your apartment and made it the perfect place for the night to wind down.

Everything goes great until your boyfriend takes his shoes off.

Your boyfriend smells bad.

The odor from his feet is stronger than the garlic in the pasta you lovingly prepared.
You want to kick your boyfriend out of your apartment.

If this sounds like a chapter of your life, your boyfriend probably needs some help.
Don’t let his gross feet ruin your whole relationship.
Offer his feet a hand and help him get his stench straightened out.

Make sure he doesn’t have athlete’s foot

An awful smell probably means your boyfriend has poor foot hygiene, and poor foot hygiene increases the risk of athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot, or ringworm, happens when foot fungus is contracted and allowed to spread through moisture. Foot sweat is wet enough to keep athlete’s foot growing, spreading an irritating infection across the foot. If more bacteria is introduced to this infection, things will get worse very quickly.

Mild athlete’s foot may look like dead skin cells that have become wet. When athlete’s foot spreads, it becomes yellowish white and thickens up. As it progresses, it will begin to eat through the top layer of skin on the feet, usually between or beneath the toes. Make sure there is no sign of infection. If there is, see a doctor immediately.

Help him wash his shoes

People wash everything they wear except their shoes. Despite the fact that our shoes are clearly most likely to get dirty, most people fail to wash them. It’s easy to wash most clothes at home, but can you wash shoes in the washing machine? The answer is yes, although most people don’t realize it because their washing machines don’t have a cycle for shoes.

Have him clean the outside of his shoes and dump some baking soda inside them. The baking soda will act as a pre-treatment. After a few hours, he can shake the baking soda out and remove the laces from the shoes. It helps to wash the laces separately, because they’ll tangle very easily. He can throw his shoes in the washing machine with regular detergent and some towels. The towels will provide balance and keep the shoes from banging against the inside of the washer. Cold water and a delicate cycle will keep colors from bleeding and embellishments from peeling off his sneakers.

Leather, suede, and rubber shoes should never be put in the washing machine. The water will destroy them. No shoes should ever be put in a dryer. Shoes are made with glue, rather than being completely sewn together. The heat from the dryer will reactivate the glue and cause the shoes to pop apart. Tying the laces together and draping the shoes over a clothesline in the hot sun will help them dry fast.

Go for a pedicure together

Don’t let your boyfriend take the attitude that pedicures aren’t for men. Chances are, you’ll book an appointment together and wind up sitting across from another couple. Pedicures help people keep their feet clean. Clipping toenails, preventing or correcting ingrown toenails, and removing dead skin will restore feet to their healthiest state. Once his feet are healthier, it will be easier for him to keep the smell at bay. Odors won’t stick to the tough, dead skin if it’s all been removed. He won’t develop any smelly infected ingrown toenails if his pedicurist fixes the problem.

After the pedicure, take him sock shopping. Moisture wicking socks designed to help him keep his shoes from filling up with sweat will combat odor. Remind him not to re-wear his socks. A lot of guys have a tendency to wear the same socks twice before washing them because they want to save time doing laundry. Remind him that a little extra effort to get rid of a lot of extra smell is worthwhile.

Get him something to keep the stink away

If your boyfriend’s feet smell really bad, part of that might be natural. Even with proper hygiene, clean shoes, and new socks, it’s still easy for odor causing bacteria to grow in shoes. Pick him up some Gran’s Remedy. It isn’t a perfume – it’s a powder that sanitizes the shoes and kills the source of the smells. It’s easy to use, and it will keep him smelling fresh between shoe washes.