Best Shoes For Smelly Feet

The most common piece of apparel for men, women and children the world over is shoes. We all have our favorite type of footwear, whether it be sneakers, flats, boots or flip flops. When we go shoe shopping, there are countless elements that we look for in our ideal pair, such as style, fit and comfort. However, a factor that we don’t really take into consideration when finding the right shoe: how it handles sweat!

It’s not something that we like to think about in the moment, but we all hate it when a shoe makes our feet unbearably sweaty. Nobody likes the feeling of getting home after a long day or work or play, taking off your shoes and finding a damp, smelly foot, sock and lining.

Millions of people are frustrated by how sweaty (and smelly) their feet are on a near constant basis. Some of us have overactive sweat glands in our feet, some of us have structural problems that cause our feet to be under increased stress, and some of us simply sweat more than others! Whatever the reason, sweaty feet are a nuisance that’s surprisingly easy to address.

The easiest way to nip foot sweat in the bud is with an over the counter foot cream or a Gran’s Remedy shoe deodorant powder that inhibits bacteria buildup. Luckily, some footwear work in conjunction with those products to help eliminate sweat and discomfort all together. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best:

Mesh Sneakers

As a general rule, enclosed footwear with lot of insulation tend to go hand in hand with foot sweat so naturally we recommend trying out some lightweight, flexible mesh sneakers. A common recommendation is the Nike Roshe. This shoe only weighs 8.5 ounces and features a low thread count, single ply mesh that’s soft, flexible and incredibly light. This sneaker is recommended by both athletes and weekend warriors alike for its ability to reduce horrible foot odor and uncomfortable dampness. In addition to providing unparalleled ventilation, mesh trainers are usually much lighter than their leather or textile counterparts. Running or walking in lightweight, mesh athletic shoes is a great way to reduce the amount of sweat (and therefore funk) you accumulate during your workout!

Slip-on Sandals

The summer months are chock-full of the three S’s: sun, surf and of course, sweat! Beat the summer heat with a nice pair of open toed sandals. Iconic brands such as, Adidas, FitFlop and Vionic all manufacture easy-on, easy-off slip on sandals designed to wick away sweat and moisture and provide a breezy comfortable feel even in the scorching July heat. These slip-ons are made of lightweight, synthetic material that doesn’t retain heat and helps sweat to dry up the moment it’s produced. Sandals are a fantastic option for those hot days when you’re on your feet for hours at a time, such as a day at Disney World or a trip to the outlets.

Semi-enclosed water shoes

Despite their name, water shoes can be utilized in every day life. A great example would be the Keen Newport; a closed toe, waterproof, 3 season shoe with plenty of perforations. It’s a sandal if you need a sandal, it’s a sneaker if you need a sneaker, it’s a hiker if you need a hiker. Hybrid footwear like this is a fantastic option for people who are trying to reduce foot moisture and odor. Another fantastic feature is the 100% neoprene lining, which is water, salt and chlorine resistant. It sheds moisture and prevents sweat build up.

Perforated comfort-casual shoes

So far, we’ve discussed a lot of options that are great for off-the-clock activities, but we haven’t touched on more work-appropriate options for us sweat-conscious individuals. Traditional business-casual shoes are enclosed, suffocating and downright uncomfortable for anyone who sweats a lot. Luckily, there are plenty of options to help combat this issue. A perfect example of such footwear is the Clarks Unstructured collection. This offering from the world-famous Clarks brand is an expansive line of shoes that are designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your entire shift. Despite the fact that nearly every member of this product line is made of high quality leather, the lining and midsole of each shoe is intricately lined with dozens of tiny perforations to help dry up any residual sweat and help keep you cool for hours and hours.