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Gran’s Remedy is a powerful all-natural shoe odor eliminator proven to effectively stop bacteria buildup that will leave both your shoes and feet smelling fresh. Yes – the only product you’ll find that treats the foot and shoe simultaneously. Learn more about us!

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Granny’s treasured recipe that stood the test of time for generations!


We all dread the lingering stench of our feet after a long day. To tackle foot odor and keep your feet smelling fresh, it is important to realize the root of the problem.


Although sweat is typically odorless, the unpleasant stench manifests itself through the breakdown of bacteria within sweat. Now, considering your feet and socks are enclosed within your shoes for prolonged periods of time throughout your day, the inside of your shoes acts as a lush breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria from sweat thrive in warm and moist environments and produce noxious waste.


Our products do not simply mask foot odor. Our powerful all-natural powders prevent the root cause of smelly feet by creating a dry environment inside of your shoes!