6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Pedicure

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pedicure

1.They fix ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are painful. If you’re never had one, be thankful. When the nail starts to grow sideways or is compressed too flat, the sharp edges penetrate the skin surrounding the nailbed. They frequently bleed, and because they’re an open wound, they’re highly vulnerable. Feet are naturally filthy. We walk on the ground with them and keep our sweat trapped inside of shoes all day, creating a playground for bacteria. When that bacteria enters the wound created by an ingrown toenail, serious complications can occur.

Ingrown toenails that have just started are easily remedied by an expert pedicure technician. He or she can gently free the nail with a special tool and clip it in a shape that will prevent you from experiencing another painful ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails that progress for an extended period of time might need surgical intervention. It’s best to let your pedicurist handle them before they get out of control.

2.Pedicure prevent dry,cracked skin

Pedicures deeply moisturize your feet. If you’ve ever felt your dry skin pull on the fiber of your socks when you try to slip them off, you know how unpleasant dry heels can be. The skin on your feet is tougher than the skin on the rest of your body. It develops to be tougher because of the friction of your feet against the ground and your feet against the shoes you wear. Tougher skin is hard to soften, and your pedicurist will know how to do it.

Your pedicure will start with your feet being soaked in water. The pedicurist may add softening oils to the water to make their job easier. Towards the end of the pedicure, your feet will be massaged with a gentle lotion that makes them even softer.

3.The removal of dead skin and calluses

A lot of the skin on your feet is probably already dead. It died a long time ago and it had nowhere to go. It’s still holding onto your feet, because nobody’s been able to pry it off. Your pedicurist has a bunch of different instruments, some of which look intimidating. They’re designed to safely grate, shave, and slough off the dead skin around your heels. When the dead skin is removed, the new skin can be treated with lotions and oils to help your feet stay soft and clean.

Calluses are caused by friction that leads to nearly permanent dry skin. Your pedicurist can remove calluses, but they may come back if you don’t schedule regular pedicures to keep your skin soft. Switching to a more comfortable shoe and a thicker sock might slow the rate at which calluses develop.

4.Lengthy pedicures lead to improved blood circulation

Foot and leg massages feel amazing. They boost your endorphins and melt your stress away. What many people don’t realize is that massages improve your health. When your pedicurist is working your muscles, he or she is promoting better blood flow. Poor circulation in the legs can lead to things like blood clots and a condition called deep vein thrombosis, both of which are potentially lethal.

Massages also break down scar tissue and boost the muscles’ ability to filter waste products. The end result is a healthier muscle. If you have any minor leg injuries, you might even find that a pedicure provides some relief.

5.Your pedicurist can catch serious problems before they worsen

Your pedicurist has seen hundreds (if not thousands) of feet. They need to have strong knowledge of the anatomy of the foot in order to be able to perform their jobs. This means they’re likely to spot if something’s off. If you need to see a podiatrist, your pedicurist will be able to tell you. Out of control bunions or falling feet arches are hard problems to fix if they go unchecked. Take your pedicurist’s advice.

6.Clean feet smell good

Clean feet don’t smell – at least not yet. If you develop foot odor a few days after a pedicure and your sneakers smell a little worse for wear, there’s always Gran’s Remedy. Our powders utilize natural ingredients to trap and eliminate shoe odor. Powder your shoes before your pedicure and leave smelling great.